Beauty Inside Out

Beauty Inside Out

Brushes of Golden spark,
Igniting enigmatic eyes….
Bringing out the beauty inside out.

Often they say “you’re beautiful”,
Seldom they mean…
Invariably unfailingly they match beauty inside and out.

Capricious souls, always on lookout
Claiming to love roses with thorns…
Petrified with inside beauty if blown out.

Malignant steps attempting to curb the blaze
Demanding normality…
For they dread the glowing light shining out

It’s time to oppose the crowd
Leaving those hollow soothings unanswered…
Use that helpless wonder for the fears to break out.

As the sun sets to rest
Glorious reality checking in…
Take that burning desire to shine from inside and out.

8 Replies to “Beauty Inside Out”

    1. Thanks John 🙂
      Doesn’t that happen all the time? You think one thing about someone and they turn out to be completely someone else and that too with their relentless effort to change you. So when reality checks in, just BE YOU 🙂 Well, that’s what I meant here.
      Anyways, I went through your bio. Incredible work. I would love to read all of your writings and so will do 🙂

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