First Light of the Day

A dimly creature that seeps in
every dawn through my veiled curtains
embarking my journey of shrugging it off
innumerable times;
pulling a pillow over my head,
an annoying hindrance to my sleepy eyes.
Today, I thank you
at the daybreak.
My eyes see you
My lips are moving
my soul will remember, now.
The unprecedented farewell
I wasn’t prepared for,
never will ever be.
Esp, of my people.

‘Light of the day’
I called you because
the darkness before
was threatening to engulf us in the
most heinous, unfair way.

Trepidations, palpitations, anxiety
levels skyrocketed
looking at my mother
lying there in the pool of her sweat.
That light of the day reminded
it was graceful enough to bless us
with one more of her morning
to fight off our fears.

The moment you think you have
won over your fears,
Universe gives you more.
The moment you think you are
already grateful for what you have,
Universe gives you more.

One cannot go on with the carriage
of immortality but witnessing from own’s eyes;
your siblings feeling weak
being unable to get up;
The helplessness of not being
able to fight the battle on their behalf,
the silence of your heart kills you already.

The horror, the panic
of these dreadful times
shrieks of the minutes & hours
we took granted for,
of the moments
meant to be celebrated twice as hard.
It’s been years I lost my father
to a terrifying disease
but there are loses you can never
surface it from.

‘Light of the Day’
sweet day of liberty
I’d give you the recognition you deserve,
honor your welcome,
carrying a forever debt
that you landed in my home,
in my heart
with another hopeful day.
My stars are hanging there tight
to welcome you, EveryDay

the one who’s along with family still fighting covid,
the one who thought she has been grateful enough but surely it wasn’t enough,
the one who’s now more hell-bent in extending help after surveying how shamelessly people use other’s plight for their advantages,
the one who’s still growing in terms of being kind and more aware of everyone’s needs,
the one who’s still striving to convert any pain into poetry,
the one who continuously learn to get up after being fallen,
the one who aims at being a better human.

An Ordinary Day

It was an ordinary day with
people busy in their lives.
A man running to grab a taxi,
a formally dressed lady hopping into her car in haste,
that pretty Aunt we have known our whole life
carefully rotating ‘Open’ sign in her flower shop
with her blossoming smile reading ‘Everyone Deserves Flowers’,
Our society’s famous grandpa out on his walk.
Looking at people the same way I am doing.
where everyone is going in a hurry.

Something my father before and now I witnessed;
an old lady, without fail, for 30 years
coming out to feed the birds, stray dogs, and stray cats all separately.
Those stray animals infamously known to bite strangers
easily calm down beside her.
A language of love? May be

The balloon seller coming and standing at
the same spot he had been for years
in scorching heat,
in heavy rains,
in harshest winters.
But it’s an ordinary day, isn’t it?

A middle-aged guy passing smile to everyone going by.
I thought he didn’t have any job
since he met with an accident years ago
rendering him helpless (my perception)
and restricting him to wheel-chair.
I recently came to know he’s a good painter
and he likes to smile at everyone who passes by.
It’s an ordinary thing, right?

His subtle way of saying don’t take life for granted
You have no idea how blessed you’re with your body intact.

He is waving and smiling at me now.
No, I don’t wish to smile.
I feel tired.
My soul feels tired.
but unknowingly my mouth curves up.

Well, it doesn’t hurt to smile.
It doesn’t feel like a burden as I thought it would be.

It sucks when I am not using some 40 odd muscles to laugh
because after doing so
I don’t feel that bad.
I believe it is an ordinary thing.
Anything would rot if not used for a while.

I walk up to him asking what is he painting today.
He says just ordinary things.
“a lady feeding the animals,
an old man walking alone,
a poor man selling happiness to little kids and
a girl sitting and staring at everyone like it’s the end of the world.
It’s not. It’s just an ordinary day
with people doing extraordinary things every day.”



When blue was vibrant
And the taste craved was white currant
Giant desires insisted
To go overboard and be a tyrant

“What’s in the diet?”, questioned heart
Outraged Mind, so prepared a chart.
“No cheat day, anymore stud”
Designs were made for your fat to shunt

“How about we clinch and come to an alignment”
Little did they know about the upcoming arrangement
“Let’s choose the day when sky chooses blue”
Since it was an era when heaven bore every hue.

So Mind agreed, no reasons to be defiant
One day in a VIBGYOR week, was the new alliance
No one knew, why sky took a tweak
Ever since that day, blue was there—every day, every week

Beauty Inside Out

Brushes of Golden spark,
Igniting enigmatic eyes….
Bringing out the beauty inside out.

Often they say “you’re beautiful”,
Seldom they mean…
Invariably unfailingly they match beauty inside and out.

Capricious souls, always on lookout
Claiming to love roses with thorns…
Petrified with inside beauty if blown out.

Malignant steps attempting to curb the blaze
Demanding normality…
For they dread the glowing light shining out

It’s time to oppose the crowd
Leaving those hollow soothings unanswered…
Use that helpless wonder for the fears to break out.

As the sun sets to rest
Glorious reality checking in…
Take that burning desire to shine from inside and out.