November, will you stay a little longer?

November is a wetty monthdropping it’s soul on the last pages of my diary. Tears corroding the page,shrinking the size of my heart,and changing its shape intoa small mailbox functional only on weekdayswith no space for chocolates or ribbons but […]

Something for me??

Too many noises around. None of the noise is for me.

The Baggage Law

What is this?? This fucking eternal sadness like it has registered itself to my name. There are deliveries at my doorstep I didn’t even order. Stacks of unwanted boxes. One on top of the other. It doesn’t go away. You […]

I see you…

I’m the person with details.Your sunken eyes, red knuckles, unkempt nails, heaving chest, slouched shoulders, shrunken voice, uprooted heart, troubled fire, I’ll notice all.

They need it more than you….

If you find someone who is extremely happy, giving, kind, flexible per your needs, ready to sacrifice, wiling to go out of the way to help you; Give some of love back to them. They are failing to help themselves. […]

November Dialogues

“Did you see that?” “What?” “How drastically the weather changed. It’s getting colder with each day passing by.” “It wasn’t that sudden. Took it’s sweet time. Like always. Like last year. And the year before that.” “But it feels different […]

My Hero

I have a hero,protects me from dying. I call it my “w(qu)ill”.

A disguised red flag?

I’m a walking white flag covered in blood. So, if you don’t mind some chronic wounds and bruises, I am pretty much what you always asked for.

How are we not talking about the hands anymore? Loudly?

You know when I sit beside you I, purposely look at your hands, leisurely rolling on the table. Half of your expressions are conveyed before the eyes or lips move. Like those hands hold the unasked love of the entire […]