Shy Shore awaits the Tides 
Embracing them when they come by
Cuddling it hard before letting go
Anticipation added as another woe.

Moon hauls the tides,
hearing those wailings
So Shore could enfold them a little longer happily and squealing

But as they say, there’s always two sides of a story
Nobody sees the rigorous effort the Tides carry

Throbing through their own pressure
Brawls with Rocks for fleeting pleasure
Reaches shore with a fervent need
Making erotic love before it recedes

Leaves silently with an unsaid promise
To rejoin soon when the time is cosmic
The curse is lifted only for an instant
But it reassures- the absence of one is an indication of other to be non-existent

Dear Mail Box

Dear Mail Box,

You were the supreme time travel machine. Finding hand written letters in that rounded trunk, delivering love every other day -you let people exchange emotions at different time. As a fantasy land, I wish to enter in you hoping to reach an era of a Stranger-Land where ‘I’ being the happy news for someone.

Broken, unessential & burned out,

You And I

Look at me and
You can see your heartbeat.
An eyeful inspection &
You can see your own dreams.
Peep through your own soul
And You’d find me.

I were you and you were me
Ever since the first gaze.

A rough draft of your future
Gained a foothold on my devotion
Our clumsy Gluttony fondness
Found each other with hungry keenness
Look for that appetite
And you’d find your own cravings.

Bare out the constraints &
You’d see an incredible acceptance,
An acknowledgement,
An approval
Of your melting wounds dying to be healed.

Look for that magical potion and
You’d find your sorcerer.
I’m the chalice of your conjured up magic
The magic which exists only between you and I.
Magic that bewitched us

Throwing us into an exquisite eternal maze
For I were you and you were me ….
Ever since the first gaze.

Materialistic Mayhem

Light appearing at end of the tunnel, I ran towards it blissfully.
Realization hit me eventually when it railroaded me skillfully.

Rotten thoughts, infected logics, even snatching the reins of ethics.
Obnoxious brains decaying goodness along with it’s robust magic

Couldn’t stand righteousness, these conniving creatures plotted schemes
Being one of an honest kind became their bitter distant dream

They struggled relentlessly to exterminate me like a pest,
But the Pearl already underwent her share of pain to be a glorious Gem.