A Promise….

I think about the word ‘promise’
and what it means.

When fulfilled
it becomes a strength.

But unkept promises look like
that page of a book
which is folded from the corner,
reminding you to return to that page.
In due course, it’s abandoned.
The fold doesn’t harm the book in any way
but leaves an untidy imprint.
Whenever you happen to open the book again,
you see….there!
The mark!
Its where the care was forgotten
where it left an unignorable, lasting effect.

The day is over.

Stranger’s presence is gone
the warmth
the sense
all gone
Nothing seems to be right
All has vanished
It feels empty
As if noting ever will be right
The day is over
The bright day is over
Darkness overflows
And that it lingers on….

Not so special :-)

to yourself often.
Not being born special worked out.
It made you humble and grateful each time,
when you were given a chance
you proved yourself time & again
When people were busy bragging
you trudged silently
but you made it

My voice to you!

My voice doesn’t reach you there 
But I know you hear it 
My screams get numbed 
But I hope my silences scrape you 

a forlorn attempt to hold you 
a whimsical endeavor to outgrow you 
my memory poisoning my dreams 
your absence obscuring my senses 

when sunlight enters, I see 
the bright light mocking me. 
A voice always calling out to you 
doesn’t matter it’s day or at night 

Morning is meant to illuminate 
not to succumb to dark. 
Collecting souvenirs of wretched soul  
my voice eventually chokes to death.