Caryn Weds Justin

You want me to explain how I felt that day?…Well, it wasn’t a single day for me. It was a collection of profound moments I want to be in forever.
The flowers, decorations, bells, wishes, laughter -my story adorned itself with invisible pearls of contentment.The day was jeweled with stars, stars which twinkled in everyone’s eyes promising me the shower of pristine purity of love forever.

And what made my day was his ceaseless cute requests cracking me up to the core.

“C’mon, one picture! I can’t believe you’re laughing while I’m dying to see you here. I can see the entire world but you. This wait is too much to bear”


Amidst all smiles, our journey started, a promise to be fulfilled, a prophecy already written and a sacred word of our ‘holy matrimony’ ready to declare our love today.

Nervous, hesitant, flustered, but totally in your awe made me take all my steps towards you, one by one, step by step. With growing anticipation comes our last act & our first venture, altogether.

Kindred spirits as we were, I see you from afar. How lucky we were to found each other at the right time, at the right moment. I am being immensely gratified for both of us to be fallen into Universe’s trap.

Your dazed eyes stare at me with joyful, magnetic, mesmerizing look enough to take my heart again.

And you made me steer my glance away from that lifeless screen to your lively grin, time & again.

Finally, the time came
when I recited this to myself

one more time
my eyes look for you
& this one time
I withdraw myself from the world
&plunge into abyss of you never-ending affection

One more time
I learnt how a feeling of surrender
can give you so much power

one more time
I’m ready to write our story
filled with silly giggles,
contagious laughter
chuckles of delight,
& we holding our hands together with glee.

This was the moment 
I became you and 
you became me

One more time
I promised to be yours
even on you worse days.

To never let you
get homesick of traditional Love

Sharing our precious bond
with the world, 
I realized,
One more time 

I had fallen in love with you.
All over again!

Exceptional efforts put by my friend Dilpreet Sohanpal. He is an amazing Wedding Photographer residing in Leighton Buzzard, UK.  He focuses on non-models and regular people in exaggerated situations that highlight an aspect of who they are. Do have a look in his sense of defiance and fortitude in his work & magic created by him on Magic Pictures

And this was my first attempt to put story into pictures and give a lively look.