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Hi Stranger,
There must be something in common between us that got you here like a common goal for writers to seek people of their own clan. Thanks for stopping by.
I am a simple girl striving to create her own Dream Land, where Love triumphs and Kindness joins in exultation. An avid reader who strongly believes in articulating her thoughts through her writings. Expressing through words let me breathe the air of creativity to stay alive. Getting intellectually engaged with people is a perfect thing I relish.
Well, The Hobbies: DREAM- I Dream a lot, an ardent fan of Books, Music & God’s Nature, religiously follow fitness goals, adore dancing to the heart, practice yoga regularly, meditate my way through life’s essential ordeals, tea lover & simply LOVE spending time with Books (I call them my Pseudo-World). As Neil Gaiman correctly quoted
“A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.”
And the most unharmed way to express is to pen it down, as might as a sword, as soothing as butter. I will pray to that Almighty to give you the best ways to express your feelings with others & with yourselves. Looking forward to all of you to root for me with your precious comments, observations & opinions. Like or share my posts if you feel & if not then nonetheless, lead a Happy Life.
Spread Love ♥
Kanika Chugh
Author to book:  My Bitter Moon
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