Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️

Melting in your arms,
We snapped the best picture of us for Instagram.
That night we fought a lot and sat on stairs to have our first uncomfortable adult conversation.

We danced to our heart’s content and partied through the night.
I fell sick and you tended to me for couple of days so I could party again, healthily.

My Red floral dress perfectly matched your grey suit and they complimented us for being a perfect couple.
That evening we both changed into cozy tracksuits and watched FRIENDS together for the hundredth time.

We showed off our cocktails to the world cheering our anniversaries.
But the time I’m grateful for you is when you remind me to drink water everyday.

Night movie shows capture how lovely of a couple we make.
But fight over UNOs, snake and ladders and video games bonded us better.

I was congratulated for best of my achievements.
And then there was you patting me on my days filled with anxieties and ugly running noses for having a courage to dream.



I feel okay many a time but safe, rarely.

There are extremely few occasions where my body, mind, thoughts, or heart feel safe. That place is as holy as a shrine for me. My ever-so wandering mind takes away the pleasures so damn easily from me and insults are the first thing it recognizes as something own. Sanity falls through the air and suddenly the person, place, or the vibe ain’t the safe space anymore for me. It’s like feeling safe is so limited.