I rest you
in front of me
And paint you through
my lashes.
Keep you hidden
within those black windows.
Some unrealistic
connection it is.
The hue is natural
So you, so me.

This time
My fear facing me.

adores me,
approaches me
Whispers to me
That now he likes to celebrate me.

And I couldn’t let go of those
whispering sounds
Turns out I was the one
who adored perpetual darkness.

When a hard-hearted falls in love!

I was all alone sipping my carefree life when suddenly a guy with fat spectacles, questioning eyes and folded arms came up to me & asked
“Why? Why would do it? Why would you mess it up?”
I couldn’t help but giggle at my lovesick buddy who had been hit hard by cupid’s arrow.

What could I say? I had been trying to find an answer myself. What came over me after I met you? How can someone be as indispensable as the air you breathe, that you search for them everywhere- unknowingly, unconsciously, unexpectedly.

One exquisite taste of her innocence and I knew I had been enchanted by a sorceress. When she looked at me with those angelic eyes, demure charm, and her gullible look it ignited a fire within, driving me wild, consuming me with a passion or an obsession of keeping her safe. Keeping her pure soul protected from the ugliness of the world.
An egotistical person who knew nothing about giving could easily understand the words now “ a true measure of love is to love without any measure”. Something stirred in me that day, and I wasn’t the same person anymore.

Bitten by a love bug, I was lost in your thoughts. Dreaming, fantasizing because I couldn’t get enough of you.
Your eyes were an ocean and I, ignorant of the fact, was a thirsty soul that kept drowning in you.
The deeper I went fervent my need became. Surrendering to that need I emerged as an entirely different person. As if all my energy was now directed towards something more meaningful.

I thought I controlled my life. My goals, my ambitions, my not-so-caring attitude were my slaves and I could maneuver them per my wish but now I feel all this was an illusion. I was hopelessly in love with you and I wanted you to have all of me to keep me in this euphoric bond.

A rainbow takes time to come out but when it does it covers every inch of the sky like you covered every inch of my heart. This was you changing each cell in my body. An unpolished, ungrateful soul appreciating the earthly things after a rendezvous with an unearthly beauty.
I used to laugh at people calling them hopeless romantics little did I know that I’d be the part of Universe’s sweet revenge to feel the power of love, introducing me to a person who would knock down all my walls which I never knew existed to being with. Forget about the butterflies in the stomach, I had vibrations all over my body but I felt I found my foothold. I always had been indifferent to emotions but as they say, the indifferent one is the one who always feels the most.
More importantly, I felt at peace.
The roller coaster ride from being a careless, inflexible, self-absorbed person to the one who only wanted to be a better human, I found my answer:

Why did you become so important to me.

Reasons I lose my interest in Someone

• they don’t know how to keep their words

• Everything comes down to respect. If you fail to respect the other person you’re bound to be stripped off of closeness.

• taking someone for granted is like throwing away something you prayed for once.
No one stays with an unappreciated soul.


Togetherness is not

talking everyday or sharing every crap on daily basis.
Sometimes togetherness is like how a telepathy works.
When you are feeling low or depressed the other one would magically feel something and reach out to you.
The intuition you get time and again as if something isn’t right or your chest suddenly feels heavy, do check out on your people. Its nature’s way of keeping you connected. May be they need help but aren’t able to ask for it. You don’t have to be physically present to gouge their mood.
Togetherness has nothing to do with the distance.

A Soldier’s verse

All the wounds in the world have healed
As I enter the place of light
Lucky are those who were barely alive
And oh-so-lucky who couldn’t made it through the night.

Guns and trenches when became our buddies
How we all laughed at our unfair injuries
“We now only pay for one shoe, Soldier!”
Shrieked a voice, teasing with a contagious laughter.

Those parties in our precious dungeons
Broken ribs, swollen eyes when cured with light punches
What we had lost, what we had gained
It was all in the pride of our nation

Holding the dangerous weapon in our hands
We had to pen down the words for the loved ones we had
“Always be happy. Do not cry”
while I sobbed, longing to see them one more time.

Keeping those letters to safeguard our souls
Let it not reach to the hands we hold
We will be back, find a way to home
And if not that,
“We all did great”, tell our moms.