When a heart breaks… || NaPoWrMo

It calls out that Name

Screaming too numbly.

Sobbing with memories

Coz one had to turn shoulder coldly

Abandonment chafes your neck

With an invisible noose rubbing sluggishly

Soreness in veins

Weariness in eyes

But Smiling as a sunshine

As if everything is so fine.

What’s worse when both are right

Yet innocent heart pays the price.

P.C. Will O

4 Replies to “When a heart breaks… || NaPoWrMo”

  1. Such truth. ❤️

    1. I know. Thanks for appreciating K.

  2. Weariness in eyes But Smiling as a sunshine: (wow!!!)

    1. Oh! You spotted my favorite line. That shows the kind of emotion one feels if one has gone through it.
      Thank so much Mariel?

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