Another ‘Thank You’ note ~~


A simple generous Thank You to everyone who has been there with me on this journey. I started this blog last August, oblivious of the fact whether it’s a good idea or not. I had always enjoyed writing but never ever have I thought of putting my writing stuff on public platform thinking that those were never good enough. I had been thinking this for Years but then one day I just started it without giving any more thoughts. So far it has been delightful, insightful adventure with all the refined souls encouraging me to express openly. It’s because of you all that I able to progress more, became more confident about my writings.

I had never expected that I would receive so much of love and support from you all. You people took out time from your precious lives, gave it to my newbie page and that’s how my little world started growing. I would like to express deep gratitude from the bottom of my heart & thank everyone for your mystical presence and benevolent contribution.

Thanks again! Much love ?


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  1. I’m new to your blog, but if you’re feeling empowered with this blog then it was a very wise decision to have this blog. I too enjoy the interaction with folks I’ve never met. During my time I’ve met many bloggers along the way. Always delightful.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

    1. I’m touched beyond words. Yes it empowers me a lot and I’m so glad that I met people like you here who encourage everyone to do more. Thank you so much dear ?

  2. Beautiful blog , thanks for sharing your heart

    1. Thank you Dariush, your words mean a lot?

  3. I am grateful for your presence here, Kanika! Keep sharing your life’s triumphs and challenges.

    1. Thank you Gary. And I love your presence. It’s a blessing to share our lives with each other.

  4. Beautiful post. And congrats!

    1. Thanks heaps Anna. Much appreciated ?

  5. You have a great blog. I am glad you started it ♥

    1. Thanks a lot for such kind words Sanskriti. Plus I love your name ??

      1. That is so sweet of you ? thank you ?

  6. Thanks for writing. Though sometimes its takes me a while to understand. The way you portrays feelings in your writing that is wonderful. The Umbrella guy is my favourite. Keep writing more like this.

    All the best and keep writing.
    God bless you…!

    1. Thank you so much Shitij. People like you had always been a motivation. ??

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