The Scars I liked…

Wailing emotions
Howling distances
Prolonging our Union;

Your brooding absence
Summons gracefully
Our demure alliance

Accepting gladly the vulnerabilities
You left me a soulful mark
Like a Talisman

When embraced my gawky charm
Drinking you as an elixir
I refined clumsiness

Serendipity knocked door through you
Left me starving for more
Slit open my chambers of heart

Marks of your affection
Though scarred me for life
Yet are worn in elegance

14 Replies to “The Scars I liked…”

  1. Beautiful ?

    1. Thanks a lot Monika? truly appreciate it

      1. You’re welcome ?

  2. Last triplet is awesome….great….!

    1. Thanks a lot dear ??

      1. that is the power of an effective writer….nice….

        1. Such kind words.. thanks. I’m still learning ?

  3. Really beautiful words…

    Great ? poetry..

    You write really beautifully

    1. Thanks a lot Nita. I am touched by your words. 🙂

  4. Really loved your post! Sometimes it’s best to accept our scars and the lessons they taught us!
    You may enjoy my piece “A Beautiful Scar”

    1. And I really loved your poem. So so much. Thanks a lot for sharing it with me.

  5. Great talent you have there

    1. Omg! Thanks a lot for these words Kally ??

      1. You’re most welcome!

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