The Scars I liked…

Wailing emotions
Howling distances
Prolonging our Union;

Your brooding absence
Summons gracefully
Our demure alliance

Accepting gladly the vulnerabilities
You left me a soulful mark
Like a Talisman

When embraced my gawky charm
Drinking you as an elixir
I refined clumsiness

Serendipity knocked door through you
Left me starving for more
Slit open my chambers of heart

Marks of your affection
Though scarred me for life
Yet are worn in elegance

Time to Unlatch??

I thought if I’d run I’ll catch you.

And here we were –Like Poles of a magnet. The more I ran towards you, stronger you repelled from me.


(Process of unlatching should commence when those feelings are cluttered in disarray. Twitching of reins must come to an end when it’s making you go bonkers. Stop, wait, realize till the time you’re sane before you’re outran by incoherent dust of blind love. .)


Shy Shore awaits the Tides 
Embracing them when they come by
Cuddling it hard before letting go
Anticipation added as another woe.

Moon hauls the tides,
hearing those wailings
So Shore could enfold them a little longer happily and squealing

But as they say, there’s always two sides of a story
Nobody sees the rigorous effort the Tides carry

Throbing through their own pressure
Brawls with Rocks for fleeting pleasure
Reaches shore with a fervent need
Making erotic love before it recedes

Leaves silently with an unsaid promise
To rejoin soon when the time is cosmic
The curse is lifted only for an instant
But it reassures- the absence of one is an indication of other to be non-existent