My intellectual teachers

On the occasion of Teacher’s Day,

while I was thinking about the people who had been great teachers in my life I was also pondering upon the emotions that have taught me life too.Sharing few of many emotions revolving and reshaping our lives, providing necessary lessons to overcome the hurdles and making the best out of it.

My Intellectual Teachers:


The fear of losing someone, the fear of speaking up, the fear of being yourself, the fear of lurking demons in our minds, all kinds of fears demonstrated the number of deaths I have had before I could ever live. My strength, my power were always hidden beneath its layers which I was afraid to touch.
It taught me what courage is.


This self-destructive path is the turbo-speed energy-sucking demon, ideal for inducing pain turning you into a constant rage piercing your own core. The perfect enemy to make you lose in front of your rivals. The reminder that makes you forget about the gift of life and the gratitude towards it.
It taught me to win after letting it go.


As rightly said, “Impatience can cause wise people to do foolish things”. Hard work is wasted when done with the greed of having underdeveloped, tender fruit. Magnificent to tiny, all things take time.
It taught me through nature’s way. One always grows, not all at the same time but they do taking their own sweet time.


The feeling of rejection, the feeling of being an outcast, the eternal quest of being with someone or anyone all the time. Loneliness makes you feel the poorest even after the countless riches you possess.
It taught me the worth of everyone. Above all, I found myself the best companion to ever have.


The sadness crowning you for prolonged hours for no reason at all. Past memories of heartache, broken dreams, misfortunes pushing you towards the edge of depression can easily take away the pleasures of today.
It taught me the happy times I took for granted and must work towards making more.


Usually succeeded after anger. Everything seems disgusted after you have been wronged by someone. The nauseous feeling in the pit boils your blood and changes your personality entirely.
It taught me to understand that some people are the way they are. Nothing right or wrong about them. Accept it and let yourself free.


It’s like the glass of calmness you try to fill each time but is still empty because your heart is constantly suffering. Sometimes it is necessary to appreciate what we have and acknowledge the agony to become a better version of ourself.
It taught me not to be in denial and let the wounds heal no matter how long it takes.


Each of the previous emotion is either preceded or succeeded by the heartbreak. It teaches about the emotions you never thought you had and yet you are always strong enough to grow using it as a seed. Heartbreaks has their way of teaching the lessons, keeping us humble and appreciating the beautiful life offered to us.

Do share your emotions and how it turned out for you.

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