Why does the Sun rises and sets?

Disclaimer: Keep your ledger of facts aside and hope on a journey with me in a train of imagination.

Long long time ago there was a Star Mother called Azura. She had four children stars (S)un, (T)esni, (A)ltan and (R)oxana. Their powers in chronological order.
2 sons (Sun and Altan) and 2 daughters (Tesni and Roxana). All the siblings were responsible for shining at their own schedules. But once in a while they used to turn down their brightness and step down on the ground to rejuvenate.

One fine day, Roxana came down to earth to appreciate the marvelous beauty and hues unlike their own land where it was mostly blank, black vastness.

Even when Roxana wasn’t shining in her full form she still held the radiance which led every passerby on earth, to turn and take a good look at her. She met a great man on one of her visit since his widespread fame was now talks of the heavens too. She fell in love with the man. His name was Alexander.

Sun was the eldest sibling responsible of all of them. He was quite carefree in nature and not as much strict as the 3rd brother Altan. Their mother was growing old and Sun was taking care of the roles, schedules, positions so that the work is carried out with ease. Their life was full of comfort and powerful meteor-showers games. They all knew they had one rule to follow ‘not to ever be courted by a human being’

Roxana came back from her trip when she got to know by her other star friends that a man named Alexander was looking desparately for a woman who looked a lot like her. Roxana believed it wasn’t just her, Alexander too, had feelings for her. That’s when Roxana decided to go back to earth. She announced it to everyone and started preparing for the journey.

Sun, being the eldest tried his best to explain her how she would not be able to live there permanently because sooner or later she had to return to her flare-full, blinking form and Earth would be devastated if Roxana ever turned into her original self while her feet touching the ground.

Roxana promised to dim herself for as long as she could. Tesni, her sister, understanding Roxana’s love stricken heart, lent her a special ring that would keep the light at the lowest sparkles but that made Tesni not being able to visit the earth ever again.
Roxana left for earth looking for permanent residence there.

This news was abhorrently taken by Mother Azura and brother Altan. Sun tried his best to calm them down but things were going out of hand. Finally brother Altan came down to earth to take Roxana away but she refused. This made him angrier and he declared war on Alexander, the great.
Alexander being a legendary figure in leading excellent militaries, accepted the challenge thinking he could defeat the demi-gods too.

Roxana heard this and persuaded Alexander to let her talk to her brother one last time and if she fails then both can then proceed with the war.

Alexander agreed and Roxana left earth to meet his brother in the black vastness. Both had endless arguments and no one wanted to give up. Altan was now raging with flames around him and gave Roxana last chance before attacking. Roxana too, came in her blaring form to fight Altan. There were extreme thundering storms forming up above but the temperature down there on earth started to melt castles, and mountains.

Sun and Tesni came running to rescue their siblings but unfortunately the war between Roxana and Altan had already started. Sun being the most powerful, encircled all, casting a protection spell so that the massive heat cannot destroy the earth but he was failing to hold them longer. Tesni was backing up Roxana because she was getting weaker with every passing moment. The eldest sibling kept on screaming that their power would not only destroy earth but also both, so they needed to stop.

But Roxana and Altan were blinded in rage. They ignored all the wise words and their powers met to form a massive blob of fire ready to be erupted at any moment. Sun tried not to use powers to stop all this since his touch could explode everything in spur of a moment. He was trying to talk them out when everything went numb and he was thrown away from the fiery explosion.

Sun gathered his wits to asses the situation. He saw all his family being either pushed away or turn into tiny particles.
He didn’t know but Mother Azura had arrived minutes before the explosion. She understood it’s too late and devastation was inevitable. She used her powers to submerge herself into the black sky so she could hold her children together and to absorb their enormous powers that was capable of destroying everything in vicinity. Roxana broke into million tiny pieces and her body parts were showered from up above to the ground. Those pieces are called sunstones, in modern times and are present at several places on earth.

Tesni was thrown far away from her home, almost in different galaxy, breaking into million of stars. They say the stars are still moving in some directions.

Altan, like her mother merged into the sky. But he turned into gazillion of black stars which aren’t visible but it’s somewhere there in Mother Azura’s bosom. All of them are moving to form one big star but since they have lost their power it’s difficult to be back in their complete form on their own.

Ever since that horrendous day, Sun used to come up everyday to look for Roxana’s pieces on earth, in a hope he could collect all those and resurrect her.

And everyday he used to set down to look for his other sibling’s pieces, trying to push them together, slowly and gradually, to bring them back. Sun is hopeful that one day they all will be back and live as one family like they used to.

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