What is being soft mean?

Making breakfast in bed for your people, sending little wishes to them before their big day, choosing to watch a movie they want instead of your fav one, saying a genuine thank you exactly when it’s needed,
Donating your fav stuff, encouraging strangers in a random comment section, smiling at a kid, respecting and appreciating waiters, janitors, cleaners for their hardwork, placing water bowls for the birds in summer, sending songs in a voice note to uplift their mood, carrying the heavy things yourself while shopping with them, listening to grandparent’s stories, do chores before anyone asks, bringing water without being requested, taking care of the plants and at times even if those aren’t yours, gifting a greeting’s card with a personal message inside instead of a printed one, helping an elderly with a smile, giving your people a tight & much needed hug, motivating others, reminding them how much you love them.

If you have been doing this then it tells you are a good person. Your softness is a strength. Thanks for existing.

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