We are the 20’s

We enjoy the perks of being a grown-up;
But, ever so often, sob like a kid.
We remain resolute to our goals; yet deep-down value ethics like our gray-haired pals.

We want to have all the riches; yet our priority changes to keep our parents happy and proud.
We sometimes spend tons on wardrobe to flaunt; yet wear the most comfortable attire for the umpteenth time without anyone’s care.
From longing to go out, we reached where we find staying at our homes, desirable.

We all have been from ‘centre of attraction’ to ‘friendless’; from feeling lonely to enjoying alone, from cherishing others to end up working on ourselves.
We are expected to know everything; and only we know there are times we have to trust our inner-self with no idea of how to overcome the ordeal.
We now travel to fill our hearts, and not just ‘Timelines’.
We are independent, intelligent in the eyes of younger generation, though only we know how much we yearn to be as pampered as they are.
We lock horns with our parents for different opinions yet feel at peace when they smile.
We may come off as strong-headed but have been taught well to respect others as well.
We get excited over little attention; yet have the courage to avert ourselves before it turns into something abusive.
We do struggle as a mature grown-up &
Still enjoy moments crazily over small presents.

There is so much we want to achieve in life, but in all absoluteness we want nothing except our loved ones to be happy & healthy.
Everyone wants us to get ‘settled’ but each one of us has a different definition of settling in life.

We are in our 20’s.

We work too hard in this competitive world and so are proud to have eye baggage or an early hair color.

We are the 20’s group. We treasure love; but are so afraid to show it.

We have been heartbroken yet believe the world is beautiful & we must be ready to take a leap of faith for the one who touches our soul.
We do live a dual life but it’s a blessing to still feel or giggle like the little ones.

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  1. If you feel that way now, wait until you reach your seventies lol

    1. Hahaha, do enlighten me Malcolm. How is it ?

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