6 Replies to “The Voices I hear…”

  1. love this and can certainly relate

    1. You too John? This is something one can’t seem to ignore.

  2. Man, isn’t this the truth. I can certainly relate.

    1. Thanks Jerry. I’m glad you could relate it

  3. All clairaudients suffer from this confusion, reason being many spirits do not have voices of their own, and so adopt yours. The solution is to find and work with an experienced Light spirit channel, who will assist you in making contact with what’s called your control. Your control is assigned and committed for this life already, and so is just kickin’ its heels at this moment waiting to hear from you. Then it can start it’s work on your behalf, screening negative, lying spirits and getting accurate identities for those you would wish still to have speaking to you. Hope this helps!

    1. I so second that thought Ana, finding a medium seems to be their sole purpose. Thanks for giving such wonderful advice.

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