The Average being

All this time I tried running after perfection. But I have now realised how powerful is to be average. To relate to the most, to accept the true self, to feel the same pain of sweating hard for our dreams and then gulping down the microscopic results, knowing how well we deserved.

It’s frustrating, isn’t it? When you are capable of climbing different mountains but not being able to summit any one of them, when not being able to be the jack of anywhere despite being good in so many aspects. That’s because we expect a lot from ourselves. Because we are our harshest critics since somewhere in our gut the wish to climb up never calms down.

So, I thought may be my strongest suit is in being average. But not mediocre. It suggests even though I do a fairly good job in most aspects of life but I still strive to do better than before, only to fail better than previously. It doesn’t mean I’ll stop chasing what I dream of. I acknowledge my traits are average or a little above but all my arts are product of the truest intentions from the depth of my heart.

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