Story of a little ‘Prisoner’

A Heart Wrenching CRY:

Happy squeals fill the room
Darkness of Silence finally consumed

Tiny steps satiate the hearts
Years after gloominess from patio departs

Infancy thrived & grew a bit taller
In no time child became a cute kindergarten brawler 

The DAY had come
When his fun had to finally succumb

Outside world was new to him
Fear of going to school filled his eyes to brim

Bribing through his doe-eyes; he clutched Mommy hard
Wishing her to melt to let him stay under her protective guard

Reluctantly reaching the destination…
Recalls Mommy’s words – Smile & NEVER show your hesitation. 

Smiling brightly he treated everyone equally
A touch here a touch there, the day couldn’t start more evilly

Something in him bothered
but with enchanting smile he maintained composure

Upon arriving home he wanted to let out a cry
warm wide-opened arms made him forget those BAD GUYS.

Next morning brought back the trembling fear
But what to say- there were rules meant to be adhered….

School bus drivers, staff, faculty
everybody seemed to be at guilty

Laughingly, making him to sit on their laps
he could feel that filthy contact

Things reiterated,
increased day-by-day
it appeared he became their personal hostage.

Every morning dreading to find an excuse
innocent soul faced all alone those awful blues

seemingly directionless himself, everybody else went down south
his sole fault that he couldn’t open his mouth

the only place considered as source of light…[school]
had become a rotten jail room of fright

Eventually this took a heinous turn in their lives
little kid didn’t return to home,
piercing his family’s heart with thousands of knives

Kid’s futile protest enraged them enough to give him a black-eye
& then to leave him there…to die

Officials said he had a sliced neck
and his family had to send him away with the last peck

those parents still hear agonized cries –
“Maaa!…. DAD!”
as if his mutilated parts crying relentlessly for help

Silence in their lives came back with dark shadows
when there was no one to play in the meadow

Despicable animals masquerading as humans,
their abhorrent behavior snatched away the little innocence.


{There is nothing worse than snatching a kid’s innocent childhood let alone his/her life. Yes this is a story of a 7-year-old [Front-page news] succumbing to cold blooded murder in the school premises, by the staff itself. Prime suspect, a bus conductor and two members of the school staff exhibited their inhuman disgusting behavior by slitting the boy’s throat in an attempt to assault him sexually.

Another incident took place where 14-year-old girl was raped by 5 men and the horrifying part was that her body was mutilated & parts were thrown away in an open field.

Is this that coercive environment we brazenly call our home; where humanity is hanging by the threads, where everyday’s brutal attacks are much more venomous than any animal could ever do, where you can never recognize a monster by naked eye, where there is no feeling of righteousness in people’s heart.

There are kids who remain prisoner of their childhood their entire life, their fruitless attempts to start a new life make them go down the hill all over again. And it’s not only about the kids, anyone who is a victim of such horrendous crimes goes through hell lot of pain, discomfort, mental plague & needs a significant amount of patience and energy to leave their past behind.

Will this place ever be free of these monsters? }

6 Replies to “Story of a little ‘Prisoner’”

  1. Very well thought out and written piece.

    1. Thanks a lot. Appreciate it ☺️☺️

  2. Very well written it is one of the hardest and most important to raise awareness on the plight of young children who face exteme abuse in places where they should find safety.

    1. Thanks a lot Nanette for sharing your thoughts. You’re absolutely right, awareness is a vital point moreover they should be open enough with the parents to talk about any kind of abuse they go through. May every kid gets a sufficient support they require.

  3. What wonderfully crafted poetry concerning such an evil topic. It is despicably atrocious, the hearts of evil men. I won’t shame your comment log with my thoughts for justice. It is a beautiful piece. Thank you for sharing it.

    1. Thanks a ton Grabbety for sharing your thoughts. I know how everybody’s blood boil when few people exhibit their insolent behavior. Justice is one thing that might soothe pain but anyhow the damage is done till then.

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