Sitting on the stairs
in front of your house,
looking at the car headlights
from afar with my neck
imitating the path and
moving along as those pass through.
Nothing seems boring
while I have you in my mind.
Everything seems easy
while I have you in my mind,
even the wait!
I, somehow, can find
anything amusing now
and start playing with them
to kill time
because I know
you (still) are here,
with me.

Even after waiting for an hour
I don’t feel like complaining
rather something is rumbling
loud in my gut.
Era of butterflies have gone past.
It’s the tiny stars jumping
and giggling with me.
Illuminating my path
wherever I go.
I am not fearful anymore,
of my own inhibitions
because I know
you are here
with me.

I slide my hand down
the railing while I wait
like a plane landing
and gradually reaching its destination.
I didn’t mind
not having keys to the house.
You are going to come
and open the lock,
for US.
Like you opened
the portal of
another world for us.

Little tension and
amusement building up,
at the thought of seeing you.
And I imagine;
You’d come
carrying your backpack
and dimpled smile,
and will stand a bit
far from the stairs
for a minute or so.
Just to have a long good look at me.

I admire
the way you admire me.
from afar.
The thought makes me smile
for no reason at all.
You know what love is?
When even the waiting is this much fun
because I know
you are here
you will be here
with me.
For me.
For us.

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  1. Malcolm Marsh says: Reply

    A touch of romance!

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