Soul’s Crucification : Beware

The act of crucifying or execution of {it}- the Soul. 

Can you even count the number of times you have crufied your own soul for over little things.

Was ill-treating your soul on THAT night, a good idea? Rather than taking a necessary catnap.

The painful suffering you let it go through because you couldn’t silence your mind.

Harassing it over and over again because the other person made you feel so low about yourself just because you expected them to stand by you in the hour of need since for them you were their backbone.

The excruciating pain it went through seeing you in denial when you hoped that you are as important to them as you thought yourselves to be.

Those endless torment sessions where your chest was about to burst out, those nauseous smiles you had to give to pretend you were OKAY, do you know how brutally it crucified your soul everytime…

Inadvertently criticizing it to the limit where you completely changed yourself. Some for good, some for bad but it DID change you.

Those elements were basically scourge on your soul.

These times do come and will always come but Beware, not to give in, not to put yourself in self-doubt, not your soul to be martyred at someone else’s mercy.

YOU have to come out of it, beautiful & strong than ever.

8 Replies to “Soul’s Crucification : Beware”

  1. Great post n wonderful advice.

    1. Thanks a lot Rekha ?

  2. Wow…your words really touched me…ur writing always made me see something in a different light

    1. And I always love your comments Sushi. Thanks a ton ?

  3. Very well said.

    Have a fabulous day. 🙂

    1. Thanks you so much.

      Hope you’re having one ?

  4. I’ll second that! always be a survivor!

  5. Thanks Malcolm ?

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