Something is always missing…

Something is always left behind. No matter how hard we try to hold on to things, they slip away.
As if those could sense our fears, saw our frightened eyes. But we can’t run away from the fact that every thing or every one has an expiry date. Things wear out. People leave us. Pets move on to better abode.
On the other hand, we never stop being selfish. We still want things till the time we are alive. So that we don’t miss out on any of the life’s treasures which is offered to us.
Our little selfish needs become the purpose to live life. Those wants of keep holding loved ones hands, those non-living stuff reminding us of serene times, those cute moments with our pets of making us more responsible yet glee-wise happy,these times are irreplaceable. So we try harder to not let go of anything and struggles of demanding love leaves a void inside our hearts and as they say something is always missing.

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