Well, I am introducing ‘Respect in Process’ idea to an already known forced-peace terminology. How about paying respect onto their faces instead of standing above their graves and garnishing it with your good words?
So, when the ghost of the dead, hanging upside down, is staring deadly at them while they sugar-tape the words, it dies another death in horror, thinking “MF why couldn’t you say these good words when I was alive?”
Tell me how hard it is to respect someone? How hard it is to treat them with fairness and consideration, or, listening to them, respecting different options, recognising and appreciating their contribution, upholding ethical standards & moral values, and not just a superficial gesture.

Is that hard? Yeah, I see it now. It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. So they choose to say “rest in peace” instead of continuing with “respect in process” because it’s a never ending cycle and they suck at putting efforts.


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