Pretense: Two Worlds

The Divided Duo

He snaps a picture of food
He prays for all three meals

He throws the waste into dustbin
He has a knack of finding something valuable from that very bin

He’s too confused to choose an outfit
He’s too busy in sewing the ripped parts

His room is a manifestation of affluence and comfort
His one-room-sized home is damp and devoid of essentials

He buys gizmos as necessity to remain updated
He might have to sell his organs to feed the mouths

He falls into loops of sins or virtues, either way doesn’t matter
He restores his faith in God as a bribe to himself

He longs for a deep sound sleep whilst possessing all the riches
He dreams of money to make ends meet

He yearns for a true mortal warmth & compassion
He laughs heartily with nothing to lose

If he is caught he’s on scandal rampage sessions
If caught he’s just a Criminal

He wins even before participating
He loses before he could start

His presence is a bliss
His existence – an abomination

On a day of rendezvous with these two divided worlds, sitting together on a bench – both exhausted from life, both beggars with different insatiate appetite; finally see what a divided world they live in! One world a pretense of comfort, other an attempt of making it.

But God & Coffin could never tell them apart; A human flesh with nothing obligatory.


17 Replies to “Pretense: Two Worlds”

    1. Hello?

  1. Nicely depicted..!!

    1. Thanks Bhoomika ??

  2. Life was never fair. The only chance was in the development of social intelligence and empathy. Unfortunately, in this aspect the human race is failing.

    1. I read it somewhere – If I were a tree, I would have no reason to love a human.
      I guess enough of preachings are already there for us and so I never wanted to leave any message for anyone here. Just a depiction. See, feel, try, and change if you can. Whatever you said is so very true. Thanks for reading and putting your thoughts across ☺️ Hope to have less divided world that we’re already living in.

  3. Bravo. Dynamic writing. This piece makes you think, feel and wonder which one you are and what changes are necessary. Insightful, delightful, sorrowful, and etc. well done

    1. Thank you so much Beauty, for stopping by in my little world. Just a simple attempt to depict a picture, to ponder on what should be done. We already are diversified significantly -can’t we humans make some effort to reduce it or at least let’s not add to more miseries. Anyways thanks a lot

      1. You’re so right in that. Total agreement. We must add more on the positive end instead of the negative.

        1. Hope we will. We still have people with optimistic mindset as yours & so will we ?

          1. Absolutely. May that optimism be contagious in this world.

  4. A powerful comment on our culture.

    1. Thanks Anna ☺️☺️

  5. This is beautiful and very true. Thanks for stopping by and liking my blog. Best to you ?

    1. Thank you so much Suzzane ❣️

  6. Optimism is a quality feeling!

    1. True. Let’s spread it ?

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