My Summer Poem

Warm and sweet like Summer Rain,
Your touch brushes against the tips of an intrinsic soul.
Like the lake that glowed at the ‘Happening.’
Happening of Sun breaking through the thick clouds.
Running along the field full of beautiful daisies.

Occurrences of my dormant, leftover emotions sprouting.
With the rest of the contents of uneasiness in the
bucket sliding down.

Innocence sinking it’s teeth into your charm;
The way one scoops out the largest chunk of a mango
and keeps it on the tongue
relishing the taste of a long lasting snack.

You’re the summer, the meadow, the blossom I forgot to wait for
yet you arrive in time.
You’re like my Summer Poem.

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  1. Malcolm Marsh says: Reply

    Wonderfully romantic!

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