Memoirs of a Night Lamp

Green mahogany dresser wooing me
with its slippery polished surface
to poke you with my pyramid light.
What could I possibly do?
I am just a night lamp!
A piece of gleaming radiance
who had seen you radiating under,
for years so long.

Who had witnessed the care-free sleep
you always had after giggling over a
charismatic hero of your favorite book,
that rested calmly on your torso
taking you skillfully to the dreamland.
As I look down at your face now,
I see a blank, expressionless
sleep-deprived eyes and I miss
betting among my friends here
as I always picked the peak
of your squeaky expressions
to be the best performance
while gawking at the fictional character.

I now witness the chronology of your thoughts
running along with the same patterns;
from picking up your Cellphone from the dresser
to keep it back, disappointed, and those
episodes are endless.
Waiting is hard, isn’t it?
when that gadget doesn’t buzz,
or for the one you’d been waiting for.
I have seen your frustration
turning into brooding sadness
leading to a mournful melancholy.

My pillow-buddy
breaks the news to me every morning
how it got drenched again
the last night after I got turned off.
Why are you so sad, darling?
That’s not how I want to see you.
That’s not how we want to see you
If you feel only your friends care about you,
then ask us.
The things around you feel your sadness too.
They are not able to say
but they miss you the way you were before.
Your original, raw self
rosy lips glistening, eyes twinkling
alongside the characters of the books
in your pretty sturdy hands.

I can emit all if that would make it alright.
My flickering light will try to kiss you goodnight,
the dresser would love to stay stagnant forever
for if you need anything,
the pillow will hold you tighter
in its embrace if warmth is something you missing.
We all will travel from our tiny non-living world
to yours until you feel alright,
until those hands stop shaking
while placing the cellphone
back on the mahogany table.
We all want you back!

Fickle minded people do not deserve you, love!

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