I am quiet. I am a lover. I, unquestionably
romance with life. I want to fight back
and vent when I am lending my ear.
I’m grateful for every day tapping
on my shoulder so, I choose to
forgive but never forget. With
every passing pain the only
friend I found was that
sword that defeated
my fears with its
ink and made
my hidden
surrender to
mighty poems.
But I have learned
how to be in control.
I have mastered the skill
how to carry the weights of
my words along my fat dreams.
I am growing each day, conquering
every minute. I reign by being kind to self,
not letting verses of grief drown me anymore.
A writer is born and I’ll turn it into a greater one.

The ‘K’ in my name stands for a ‘Knight’.
(If we go by the trend) 😉

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