I’m not supposed to…

I’m not supposed to move that heart which isn’t mine since the beginning

I’m not supposed to be loved by that heart which won’t be mine in the end.

I was not supposed to meet that heart at all which will never ever be mine…

8 Replies to “I’m not supposed to…”

  1. Absolutely beautiful ?

    1. Thank you ?

  2. Wonderfully whimsical!

    1. Thank you ?

  3. How would you have known of this if you had not?
    Now if we could define beginning and end, the answer would appear.

    1. And so they say ignorance is bliss. I just wished for once we could define our own answers without any pre-defined path shown ahead. But too much of an ignorance isn’t a bliss. There are things which are not supposed to happen but they do or may be this is another ask of a simple greedy human being.
      Anyway thanks for connecting.

  4. You and me both

    1. Really ?

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