I say this is it

You go to a thrift store
buy me a cheapest, elegant
china dish
bring it home
and break it.
I say nothing.

You borrow my bag
for the interview
and some of my experience,
then hand me the wait
but celebration to the other.
I say nothing.

I listen to your stories
all night long.
I listen to your complaints
all day long.
But you practice deafness
I say nothing.

I know the secrets
I know all the weaknesses
I play piano with
people’s trigger points, you say.
Oh, my smartness offends you
and my numbness pleases you.

Wet sweater, five Mondays,
undiscovered language, 2mm deep pocket
and a cheap whiskey—I become all
to make you miserable and say nothing.

I say this is it


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