I am mere nothing

I’m a mere human
there is no way
I could compare
the emptiness of the sky
with mine.

I’m a mere sinner
there is no way
I could compare
the virtue of saints in Himalayas
with my devotion.

I’m a mere pawn
there is no way
I could justify
the promises of forever(s) in nature
with my untimely death.

I’m a mere girl
there is no way
I could compare
the rage of eve-teasing and disrespect
with Maa Durga’s ire.

There is no way anyone can compare as trivial as me to the vastness of Nature but it’s nature that comes down to my level to weep with me, to create a heaven underneath my feet, to fill me with enough courage to change like seasons and await what’s to come after it.

2 Replies to “I am mere nothing”

  1. i dont see you as just “a mere girl”. you are part of this world and it is apart of you. you are the sky, the earth, and the essence of all that is in between. to me, to call yourself “a mere girl” is like calling a tree a mere tree. or a mountain, a mere mountain. or to call all that is holy, mere holy.

    1. That’s true though 😊

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