Humans be like:

Man 1: Hey! I have been seeing you struggling for a long time. May I help.

Man 2 {beamingly} : Sure. Can you?

M1 : Certainly. I will see what I can do.

[M2 meanwhile struggles really hard and almost achieve his goal]

M1 {sarcastically} : You yourself have done a lot without my help. Why would you need me now anyway. Seems like you didn’t trust me enough.

M2 {genuinely} : No! No, Friend. I trusted you but I didn’t want to be all dependent on you. I HAD to make up the leeway to keep my pride. But truly I AM grateful to you for even offering help in my hard times. I will always appreciate that. Thanks and do let me know if could be of any help to you. I would love to be.

{Smilingly, he walks away}

M1 {To himself} : YOU!!! YOU WILL HELP ME?
Yeah! Blow your own trumpet now. Disgraceful fellows. Why would ask for help anyway. I don’t understand how did he manage it himself to come up to this level. Totally unbelievable. I am sure somebody would have backed him up and that snobbish liar isn’t telling me the name. No one can struggle that much. I know I couldn’t in my past. Everyone needs a lifting hand. I was waiting for him to flatter me but NO. He didn’t even charm me enough, didn’t buy me any gifts and yet I was ready to help him. Why should I? and that too for free?

Well! Now I am gonna see how far can he go on his own. I am going to set zillions of roadblock in all his assignments, might even snatch away his supporters. I will not let him accomplish anything and then I will see how he doesn’t come up to me crawling and begging to be helped.



5 Replies to “Humans be like:”

  1. Harsh Reality now a days 🙁

    1. So true my friends. So true

  2. Omg……cut like a knife, exactly how humans be like…..lovely writing.

    1. Thanks Dear Friend. Unfortunately, there are some obnoxious feelings harbored in few people’s heart you have no idea about.


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