Have a Gooood Night!

My little girl awoke me with a jerk in the middle of night. With blood spurting out of her feet, screaming, weeping she sobbed that some huge giant shadow hurt her with an axe.

Terrified I sprung out of my bed and ran towards the hallway only to realize that when did I ever had a kid.
I had always been living alone.

8 Replies to “Have a Gooood Night!”

  1. Its amazing the things that pass through your mind at the moment of waking!

    1. Yeah! Kind of things you can never think of with concious mind.
      Thanks Malcolm.

  2. well done!

    1. Thanks a lot dear ?

  3. Oh GOD!!! What a wild dream!!! Or spirit….or…..wow.

    1. Lol! I know he does freak people out

  4. OMG! That’s crazy, must have really freaked you out… X

    1. And I still like creepy stuff ? Thanks for commenting Suki ?

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