Fall is coming 🍁

Mainz, Germany

I taste a tinge of autumn in the air today. It’s on days like these when my eyes want to compete with the Sun’s brightness. I’ve often wondered why it’s always autumn, or the onset of it, that makes me value things more before their inevitable end. I’ve realized that I tend to cherish things more when I know they’re about to conclude.

It’s like how a fire burns brightest just before it extinguishes, revealing different facets we didn’t know existed.

Sometimes, I do secretly ache for the things not to change but the fleeting nature of life and the beauty in embracing transformation makes me appreciate that the miles we walk in this life are comprised of both stumbles and falls, regardless, we go through it. These changes within ourselves can be surprising. I’ve come to a realisation that I fall in love too fast. I fall for Fall and the little things around me too easily.


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