Dear Summer

I am facing you,
yet again!

O Dear Summer!
Remember what we promised.

You’d let me
dance on a grass blade
and I will treat you
with ripe mangoes.
You’d let me bathe
in an orange light
on top of a sycamore tree
and I will arouse the
need of staying within you.
You’d sing to a hummingbird
to come and rest on my hand
and I will remove the synonym of
‘burn’ from your name.
You’d not instigate my
fossil memories like winters
and I will carry your mountains
until the Autumn arrives.
You’d touch my flesh
with a light breeze
and I will plant a bunch of Pansies
after naming you Spring’s sister.
When you shall love me
and I shall add you as my
‘things to do’ in all
the days to come in my life.

Remember we promised,
we’d feel each other
and you might burn my cheeks
with too much tenderness.
Remember we promised,
We’d keep each other company
and you might shine one more day
while counting dying breaths.

O Dear Summer!
Let’s meet over the hills.
Let’s meet in the backyard.
Let’s accept that we had been
in cold for far too long.
it’s time for some blushing warmth.


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