Dear Mail Box

Dear Mail Box,

You were the supreme time travel machine. Finding hand written letters in that rounded trunk, delivering love every other day -you let people exchange emotions at different time. As a fantasy land, I wish to enter in you hoping to reach an era of a Stranger-Land where ‘I’ being the happy news for someone.

Broken, unessential & burned out,

4 Replies to “Dear Mail Box”

  1. Hey Kanika, I enjoy following you and I love reading your blog so I nominated you for the VBA!

    1. Thank you much dear. It’s an honor for me ?

  2. I Love this. I have a friend who sends me handwritten letters, cards and postcards every time she travels, and often just because, when she is home. It always makes me feel so good to get a real letter in the mail.

    1. Thank you for sharing it Susan. A personal touch to anything never goes out of fashion. Infact these little things keeps us delighted and connected to each other. Lucky you get your real letters in your little majestic mail box. Hope it always bring the happy news. ?

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