Bye bye October

Make way for your scooped ice-creams
and travel tickets to the farther lands.
Pluck the prettiest arrow
and unleash it on your bulging dreams.
Take chances rather trembling,
capture portraits of the strays,
open eyes in the salty water,
wear bikinis in June,
drink sherbet in winters.

The sinners in the world
would anchor you down,
The inflammation in your heart
will put you under the casket.
They make you feel the need for wheelchairs
but you got to stand straight up on your feet.

Prepare to wear your dark bad-ass glasses
befriend the black cats, defy the 13(s),
move away from half-real people.
Map out your steps
bite back the distress
and have no mercy
for the dead past.

November is hovering over
like mistletoe on Halloween.
Kiss the one you love the most,
make love to what sparkles your eyes,
hold a book, wear the skin of the
character you like.
But, don’t let go of your dreams.

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  1. nice work

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