Boring conversation…

She 1: Do you really like him? Isn’t he a bit boring?

She 2 : Well, the word is Introvert.

S 1: Duh!! Boringgggg….

S 2: Haha, Ok ok yeah. He is. What’s the big deal?

S1: The deal is why the hell, a charismatic person like you, doing with him anyway.

S2: That’s because his ‘boring’ sincerity restored my faith in goodness when none of the interesting men’s shenanigans couldn’t.

2 Replies to “Boring conversation…”

  1. This Simple and short conversation also made my day.. otherwise I know that person like us are always destined to be rejected

    1. I understand that buddy, being sincere is a risky affair these days coz outward appearance has gained so much importance. But not to worry you ll be accepted by the person who deserves you? thanks for sharing Gourav.

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