A Keeper…

A person who’s definition is quite different than that in a dictionary. Someone who is close to you while being far away. Who looks at you and be a reason for your smile, harboring the purest feelings for you. Someone who doesn’t announce the affection to the world but only to you, makes you feel special in their own way when you’re rejected by the world, who is aware of your little needs and even the reasons of your annoyance, who notices the teeniest change in your tone and go crazy until you be back to normal, who’s priority list never gets amended because of you, who sits and willingly listen to your day’s crap & voluntarily share their energies to cure your grouchiness, who’s care you witness through actions and not just words. That person is a keeper. Keep them close no matter what. Don’t let go of that hand. A keeper can be found in your family, or friend or a partner. Keep those close to your hearts. Give them their due credit. They are irreplaceable.

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  1. Nice thought and position on the subject. You need to let us know who you are. Keep the thinking toward an end.

    1. Flattered John 🙂 Not many people ask about the author. Thanks

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  3. […] Source: A Keeper… – Mystic Land […]

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