Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day to all the lovely ladies and to all the Men loving, supporting and respecting her.

I feel I can proudly say today, I’m a woman I would have loved to look upto when I was younger. But I couldn’t have done it all alone. I had an army of strong women building this platform for me from generations to generations,
plenty of profound men in my family trusting & respecting my decisions, my will, my dreams that made me
who I am today.
There is no other way I could’ve turned out than being strong, confident, independent and inspirational. I have learnt from so many people that I wish to give back as much as I can.
I keep transforming myself, I keep taking risks (no matter small/big), I keep improving myself so that one day I could inspire someone.

I’m opinionated,
I’m strong-minded,
I’m soft-hearted,
I chase my goals well,
I’m driven by passion,
I can balance out things well,
I don’t play victim,
I take responsibility of my actions
And above all I believe in kindness and upliftment of others as much as of  myself.

And I’m sure many women around you would share same qualities. Many men around would share the same qualities.
Let’s not shame someone for being soft-hearted.
Let’s not blame someone for being goal-oriented.
When someone hurts another intentionally, it doesn’t define a gender. It shows what sort of human those are.
The ones who are too broken that they like inflicting pain on others. Wish them healing and move on.

All I want is a little less divided world than it already is. Where all genders understand each other, help each grow, do not try to cause any physical or mental pain.

This post might upset a lot of people but I still believe & will say it again
‘Everyone is fully equipped with all the ability of paving their way and if sometimes the roles are reversed or divided among partners to lessen the load, or chosen as the interest; there shouldn’t be any raised eyebrows. Rather a support for standing by their viewpoint & attitude.’



When the mirror saw her story;

She looked tired from a distance,
worn out from carrying the weight
on her back constantly
to keep everyone happy,
bending to the whims of others
maintaining balance and peace.
Avoiding her own intellect
she reluctantly flowed along the
other’s will because even her own people
didn’t struggle to gauge what she was capable of.

She used to be baffled
when people didn’t understand
the meaning of keeping their own words

Though she didn’t expect much
yet some needle-like voice stung her
and always said ‘I told you so’.
There were days she ignored, but then
sometimes submitting to her inner voice
she started off again
preparing her own tiny world.
Not being able to build beyond a sea castle
she finds herself again
being dumbfounded,
very well aware of the consequences from the start
of her castle being washed away
not because of natural ways
but her own people trampling
over it again and again.


But when that mirror saw her up close
There was a different side of her
existing only in the wild imaginations.
Far from reality but a sacred, truer side.
Though her body didn’t
but her soul radiated enormous confidence.
She might be socially inept
but in front of that mirror
she let her soul win over the body
in the most beautiful, inspiring ways.

Dancing her woes away
or the struggles,
or the pain she had to endure
while trying hard to be accepted by others

There, at that moment
she celebrated herself to be free of shackles.
admitting herself the most beautiful being
while breathing freely.
When most people were afraid
of facing themselves
No one could beat her
in accepting herself the way she was.


For this sight
her mirror wished, begged
to come out of her shell
and show the insensitive world
what a sensitive, caring, honest, blunt
soul is capable of.
Enough hiding behind the curtains
it’s her show now
she must come out and play
the way she is designed to play.

Happy Women’s Day

One more time
I drowned in emotions
One more time they were
Deeper than the grieving oceans
Knees on ground
Head bowed down
A hard slap on my earnest devotion
Miracle struck
In the midst of treacheries
A firm grip tore down my story’s convolutions
Was it a man?
Was it an angel?
That strong zeal could lead the mountains in motion
Well, it was a ‘she’
A fearless warrior,
a fire worth creating & destroying a life
Carrying enormous amount of love potion…


Happy women’s day to all the lovely ladies and to all the Men loving supporting and respecting her. Love to all