An open letter to Monday

Dear Monday,

What should I call you? Someone who has made people’s life a living hell, the meanest day in the entire history of a week, whose existence is nothing but a source of depression, anxiety, and unproductiveness. People feel better after cursing you because you totally lack sensitivity towards them.
Everyone cringe at the idea of your arrival before you are there. Why have you made people shiver in fear or feeling jittery with a mere mention of your name that they regret the day you meet them and they want to punch you right between the eyes. Or maybe someone actually did and that’s how the metaphor emerged as ‘Monday blues’. The eccentric, evil day stealing or sucking fleeting happiness out of people.
What have you done?

Now that I think of it, do people blame you for a justified reason? Or they are stuck badly in their clock based timelines and mind-numbing dreary work that they need a reason to put this up on someone else? Their life is so constricted behind the desks, caged in spectacles, locked up inside infinite boring numbers that the forgot the very essence of life and consider only 2 days they are allowed to live life to the fullest. I had witnessed weekends carrying too much of a burden on them to fulfill their master’s request, of entertaining them and to exist with longer hours than defined.

I know, I know in your defense you did state it’s because that either humans are not doing what they love or are not loving what they are doing. Less energy, low enthusiasm on Monday make them realize the path they opted for in their life and are in a constant tussle with their inner creative personality.
But what possible reasons could be for not chasing their dream job. Yes, few are too scared to take risks. Even if they are totally disengaged from their job they still trudge through their tedious career. Some don’t have enough money to pay off their bills or the productive time that is needed to invest it.
There are who love procrastinating why because it’s too much of a task either physically or mentally. It requires thinking over it, spending time and effort on it but why when they can relax and do nothing.
Lastly, comes those who do not know what their passion is? The self-doubt, the emotional blockage entwined with their creativity, inherently becomes the longest journey to find it let alone working on it.

I am sure these rationalizations must have been conquered by some groups because whoever loves their work would never curse at you. On top of it, they might be even excited to have you back after they had sufficient relaxing time with self and family.

I believe in a parallel universe where you’re as brightly celebrated as any other weekend and everyone works, talks, breathes what they love.

Someone who’s trying to mold even ‘Monday’ as ‘Fun Day’.