Happy International Men’s Day

Dear Men

It breaks my heart when we all fail to comprehend the double-edged scrutiny you are under as much as the women but never got to be vocal about the pain it causes you. The sacrifices you make are so naturally expected of you that your simple pat-on-the-shoulder anticipation makes you look like a fool. The way you have to hide the fact of liking Rom-com movies more than the action packed genres because the label of being emotional could terrorize you or could easily detach you from the male gang.
It’s sad when the masculinity is proven only when you don’t shed a tear, with your loud & humorless laugh no matter if it’s killing you inside, when you have to be equipped with all the craftsmen skills like a maintenance worker because you must know how to fix broken items at home along with zero expectations of any such appreciation.

The way society made you the only bread-winner that it snatched away the simple joys of life and striped you off the luxury of feeling sad, emotional or miserable. A ride to a guilt trip when you only want to have fun with friends but the responsibilities refrained you from doing it. Those ‘must-be(s)’ list of; be successful, be responsible, earn more, always smile, you can never get abused or harassed or raped, you can’t have mood swings takes a lot of toll on your health too. If you are way more talented or inclined towards in showing off your makeup or culinary skills you got to think about twice or else those piercing eyes and infiltrating mouths will break your confidence and will make you plummet down so low that standing on your feet will seem like a far-fetched dream.

Being strong never meant broadest shoulders, rock-hard biceps, long grizzled beards but about how one can pick oneself up after a tragedy, a heartbreak ,or a mishappening. Something that is valid for every human being and not a particular gender. You must still feel what you want to feel, cry your eyes out whenever needed. Telling anyone on the basis of the gender about the things you can or cannot do had worked like the termites; deteriorating the foundation of being humans. Among all these pursuits and expectations we, as a society forgot that we all are humans wrapped up with emotions; something we must never be ashamed of. I always hated the fact of using “all men are same” phrase. This can never ever be true because this won’t ever be the Nature’s way. It always balances out.

It’s time that we truly start sharing. You being considered the only power-puffed carry bag for all the responsibilities is genuinely not fair. I believe Nature created two different species to act as two wheels while riding against the tribulations in our lives. To balance it out, to not put a burden on a single wheel because otherwise, the wreckage is inevitable. Both have the capabilities and desires to do everything, We got to stop comparing and mocking the one with the other. Both the genders are fully equipped with all the ability of paving their way and if sometimes the roles are reversed or divided among partners to lessen the load, or chosen as the interest; there shouldn’t be any raised eyebrows rather a support for standing by their viewpoint & attitude.
I ardently believe, we as the current generation are liable and accountable for this change and to create awareness for our posterity and make everyone unlearn certain pointless ‘long lasting beliefs’.

Dear Men,
you are (and must be) loved too, unconditionally.

From someone,
Who believes this change is possible.
Happy International Men’s day