If I were a falling leaf

If I were a falling leaf
I would have extended
my both hands
resigning from life
with a belief
that I’m about to meet
my creator.
The earth that
shifted itself
for our roots
to grow,
is now welcoming
me in its bosom.
I would happily
meet my death
knowing I lived
a purposeful life.

Happy international day for biological diversity

Our maple love ?

A crisp, amber polished surface of asymmetrical maple leaves covering the ground & dazzling our senses. Senses that are already ignited as we unfold our lives in front of each other while strolling through the thick royal boulevard and Nature’s spirit of overturning the past; Autumn. My foot advances in a leisurely gait while stealing a glance at your face which radiates the same sparkling brilliance as the shining star in brownish daylight. Seeing you pleasantly smiling at my inane remark you catch me off guard when each edge of your finger clutches mine, softly melting in its resting place.
My glossy hair comes to my rescue to hide the excitement where as the space between my fingers boldly gives away the purpose of why those were present in the first place; admitting it was meant to be filled by yours.
My cheeks radiate the vivacious red color mirroring the attractive avenue we are surrounded by. Looking at those splendid maple trees spanned across like golden & deep pumpkin orange blanket we take steps harmonically with Chopin’s Nocturnes (op9) note playing in my head making it look like a motion-picture show. Trails of dramatic change in this peaceful, spectacular surrounding asking us to give in ,the loveliest stretch reaching the pinnacle of colors touching our instincts on high alarm. The transformation of trees in stunning shades of orange, red and yellow echoing our emotions of apprehensions, edginess to be finally be amused by each other.

I feel autumn was whisked in our lives to accept the change and leave the past behind with dignity and no regrets. The profound effects of nature make us live in the moment without any guilt or precondition for it to keep on happening till we last. Far from the hustle-bustle we, the only living beings witnessing crimson turned hearts and leaves together in the slowest pace. Clouds form far away and slight cold breeze brushes my hair getting rid of my thick rescuer strands where you catch a glimpse of my flushed smile defining our ‘Maple Love’

It’s autumn again and I relive the moment years after.

It’s remarkable to admit the way our brain works, acting like a mini camera capturing the most meaningful moments and safely tucking away in the trunk full of rusty memories, so we can draw those out whenever we want and play it with eyes closed.
It’s a boon and monstrous both, when those memories choose to stay by our side. It’s just

few moments become our personal ‘forever’.


I wandered in my
own denial
when those edgy skies
hinted way before.
Those shoulders I underused,
those hands retreated fairly quickly
when I wanted to hold them longer,
those smiles praising the other,
those lips stopped enchanting my name;

I had to let go
like shattered dying leaves.
I took the fall for being the flawed one
sucking the breaths out of me.
I kept descending until I reached
Nature’s lap.

Only to realise
all I ever needed was
to trust the process.
I never knew I’d bloom again
after a terrible fall.