A Promise….

I think about the word ‘promise’
and what it means.

When fulfilled
it becomes a strength.

But unkept promises look like
that page of a book
which is folded from the corner,
reminding you to return to that page.
In due course, it’s abandoned.
The fold doesn’t harm the book in any way
but leaves an untidy imprint.
Whenever you happen to open the book again,
you see….there!
The mark!
Its where the care was forgotten
where it left an unignorable, lasting effect.


Friend 1: Hey! Did you notice? He had saved his girl’s name as ‘Doll’ in his phone. Omg! It’s so amazing. Don’t you expect the same from your future husband?

Friend 2: Yes. Very much. I’d love if his phone flashes ‘My Doll’ for our daughter.


Brimming with tears, a couple lost a kid again.
“I don’t think adoption should even be allowed in our society for LGBT community.

Please leave our kids alone” reprimanded an obtuse Orphanage official.
Naked loveless truth of the society smirked at parents while that little one behind the doors quietly disengaged his crossed fingers.