The Mornings

He got up
She started with chores
He brought groceries
She cooked
He made her fav tea
She sips his fav coffee
He got dressed
She sighs the look
He got ready for work
She’s off to start too
She closes eyes and sees him
He closes his eyes and feel her

They did everything together…
While being apart.

Happy Women’s Day

One more time
I drowned in emotions
One more time they were
Deeper than the grieving oceans
Knees on ground
Head bowed down
A hard slap on my earnest devotion
Miracle struck
In the midst of treacheries
A firm grip tore down my story’s convolutions
Was it a man?
Was it an angel?
That strong zeal could lead the mountains in motion
Well, it was a ‘she’
A fearless warrior,
a fire worth creating & destroying a life
Carrying enormous amount of love potion…


Happy women’s day to all the lovely ladies and to all the Men loving supporting and respecting her. Love to all