The Broken ones!

6 thoughts on “The Broken ones!”

  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog. First of all, an apology is due from me for not visiting your blog like I used to a year or so back. Let’s lay an easy blame onto life to keep this comment as short as possible ?

    Regarding my own take on the subjet you touched on here, there are some who instead of becoming quiet, choose to take off their gloves and meet such evil people or circumstances with a head-on strategy.

    My 2 cents please… And I am going to again insist upon your forgiveness for not saying”hi” as usual on your blog like before. I think you switched from to self-hosted which might be the reason I did not get your blog posts notifications.

    Stay blessed and gifted ?

    1. Hello Amir ji, Hope you’re well! Thank you so much for dropping by and No, I cannot blame you for your absence in my blog. So, please don’t apologize 🙂
      You are somewhere right, but I didn’t switch to another site instead my own website was shut down due to unnecessary billing conflict issues. I wasn’t able to access it for a very long period of time and even lost some of my content and followers but glad I had the previous backup.

      What I am happy about is you still remember my blog.
      One – Thank you for that 🙂
      Two – Thanks for sharing your views. This is what I love about writing. The two different perceptions of same thing and it makes one learn a lot.

      I have decided I will be as regular as I used to be. So much time has lost. No more now 🙂
      Keep smiling!

      1. Since I posted my earlier comment, I have been waiting for your response. But WordPress did not inform me that you had already responded. Today I came back to check on your well-being since I was concerned. But thankfully its only a tech glitch, nothing more 🙂 Love you and hopefully some techie can help you fix things on here. Aadaab 🙂

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