Pouring Rain….

Your love for me was like
Pouring rain!
It touched me
drizzled onto my body.
Ignited my senses
and left me asking for more.

Drenched in my apprehensions
I was too aroused
by your little nudge to this new world.

Too delusional to think that
I may not be the only recipient
Of the colossal bust
of your poetic monsoon

But what I undauntedly believed
that your water(love) was never enough for me
to get drowned in it.
You always left me hanging
as said,
always left me asking for more.

With the feelings, I never confronted before.
With the emotions, I never deserved before.

Though, was stranded
within the rainbow of feelings
but your mini touch felt
like the pearls of shining handiwork
putting life back into me.

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