Why am I passionate Chai- Lover (Tea lover)?

• The common language among distinct people. This unique connection shatters the barriers among strangers of different & vast background in colleges, offices, workplaces with a single line, “Chai pini hai?”

• Its calming effect. We can’t deny the way tea satiates our soul and not just the taste buds.

• Gossips with your mother over a chai in fresh mornings, hit differently.

• Nothing against the Coffee but the homely feeling chai enfolds in its warmth is otherworldly.

• The way you feel proud and are punished at the same time if you make the best tea in home.
It always comes down to ‘You make good tea. You do it.’

• If you’re someone who is little socially inept then you’d be happy going into kitchen and making chai while your mother is attending to guests. And tea makes it bearable to have polite talks with them, afterwards.

• There is no particular season for having tea. Though, winters top the chart but Every season is chai season. Atleast for me 

• How cleverly chai reduces the difference between the rich and the poor and the way it breaks the ice with a small but heartily talk with one another. 

• The only streaming I enjoy is the hot steaming cup of tea in the morning.
But then there is ‘shaam ki chai’ after ‘subah ki chai.’

• Warm hugs and hot tea are always welcomed.

• If drinking lot of chai opens the gate of hell, I’d proudly be the protector of the doors, welcoming the others, for I know I won’t be alone there.

Rest all of you, Heaven awaits you

For me!! Chai is love. Chai is our booze

Happy International Tea Day!!