First Light of the Day

A dimly creature that seeps in
every dawn through my veiled curtains
embarking my journey of shrugging it off
innumerable times;
pulling a pillow over my head,
an annoying hindrance to my sleepy eyes.
Today, I thank you
at the daybreak.
My eyes see you
My lips are moving
my soul will remember, now.
The unprecedented farewell
I wasn’t prepared for,
never will ever be.
Esp, of my people.

‘Light of the day’
I called you because
the darkness before
was threatening to engulf us in the
most heinous, unfair way.

Trepidations, palpitations, anxiety
levels skyrocketed
looking at my mother
lying there in the pool of her sweat.
That light of the day reminded
it was graceful enough to bless us
with one more of her morning
to fight off our fears.

The moment you think you have
won over your fears,
Universe gives you more.
The moment you think you are
already grateful for what you have,
Universe gives you more.

One cannot go on with the carriage
of immortality but witnessing from own’s eyes;
your siblings feeling weak
being unable to get up;
The helplessness of not being
able to fight the battle on their behalf,
the silence of your heart kills you already.

The horror, the panic
of these dreadful times
shrieks of the minutes & hours
we took granted for,
of the moments
meant to be celebrated twice as hard.
It’s been years I lost my father
to a terrifying disease
but there are loses you can never
surface it from.

‘Light of the Day’
sweet day of liberty
I’d give you the recognition you deserve,
honor your welcome,
carrying a forever debt
that you landed in my home,
in my heart
with another hopeful day.
My stars are hanging there tight
to welcome you, EveryDay

the one who’s along with family still fighting covid,
the one who thought she has been grateful enough but surely it wasn’t enough,
the one who’s now more hell-bent in extending help after surveying how shamelessly people use other’s plight for their advantages,
the one who’s still growing in terms of being kind and more aware of everyone’s needs,
the one who’s still striving to convert any pain into poetry,
the one who continuously learn to get up after being fallen,
the one who aims at being a better human.

Like the stars…

You’re like the stars in the sky

I saw in my childhood
twinkling, smiling down at me
assuring me of a beautiful darkness.
That the places I choose to be
I’d be followed faithfully
with a poetic hope
that nights are
as influential as the light.


Drifted off into the space
for I was
adamant about my perception.
People abhorred
my placid nature
for my impressions created
a ripple effect in continuous motion.
Stray thoughts I possessed
something awoken yet under-acknowledged
the unseen beauty vanished into the deepest oceans.

Word of the Day

While scanning my phone nonchalantly, something caught my attention instantly.

It was word of the day.

busticate- to break into pieces.

Nothing special, the usual notification from another app.

But something in me stirred. I read word by word, slowly. Each syllable felt like it was calling out to something I don’t understand yet feel it.

To. Break. Into. Pieces.

I looked further for a sentence. I never myself knew how to use it properly.

It said “Elephants really busticate trees”.

And I said “Humans really busticate humans”.

What a perfect word to produce to save time of people when they want to say that they are broken into pieces. Or may be people who are broken end up finding unfamiliar inclination towards the phrase ‘broken into pieces’, with the outburst of indignation due to helplessness over the situation.

They are broken. Into pieces. And yet they have the confidence to rise again, love again, and be themselves again. Those are my favorite kind of people.

There was nothing special in the word I read today, however, it felt obligatory to pay respect to all those who went through it, suffered hard, and rose shining brighter than ever before.

Love you all.

And love yourself.

I don’t know if it’s correct or not still-
Don’t busticate because of anyone. You deserve much more.

Light the Lamp

People, today I came across a very beautiful short story and I wanted to share with all my fellow writers.

One night Sri Adi Shankaracharya, a great Advaita Master, was desperately searching for something on the street outside his small hut.

One of his pupils was returning after completing an errand. On seeing his Master in desperation, he could not control his curiosity & asked , “Acharya, what are you looking for here in the street at this hour?”

To which he replied “I lost my needle, I’m looking for it”. The pupil joined him in the search but after searching for a while he asked, “Can you try and recollect where you might have dropped it?”

Shankaracharya said, “Of course, I remember. I dropped it near the bed in the hut.”

The pupil, utterly astonished at the strange answer, said, “Acharya you say you lost it in the house then why are we looking for it outside?”

Shankaracharya innocently replied, “There is no oil left in the lamp, it is pitch dark inside the house. Hence I thought searching for it outside since there is enough street light here.”

While holding back his laugh the pupil said, “if you lost your needle inside the house, how could you even expect it to find outside?”

Shankaracharya simply smiled back and pupil understood the deep message behind the Acharya’s puzzling act.

Isn’t that what we do?

We run to various shrines and religious places, walk up the mountains in search of what we lost inside, in ourselves.


Just because it’s pitch dark inside!

Silly, aren’t we?

Light the lamp inside you and find your lost treasure.



Sri Adi Shankaracharya- an early 8th century Indian philosopher and theologian who consolidated the doctrine of Advaita Vedanta

Advaita Vedanta is a school of Hindu philosophy and religious practice, and one of the classic Indian paths to spiritual realization

Acharya- Master