You are the Sunlight…

The wind, the skies, the fields, my whole universe revolves around you. You are much more than the words can ever explain. The smile on your face, twinkles in my eyes wherein my each heartbeat is devoted to make that happen. The craving I have to look at you one more time are like the glimpses of heaven for me. Its where my uproar rests in tranquil state.
My loneliness that knew nothing except darkness now welcomes your light through a keyhole devouring my nights piece by piece.

The kind of love you carry lasts the ages. So when that love is ill-treated it makes me livid. I go insane when it isn’t valued, appreciated or returned with equal elegance. I feel like somebody jabbed a piercing weapon into my skin, pulled out my heart and placed it in front of me where it is frantically suffering and I, being all helpless, cannot do anything except witnessing it till it breaks. I can sacrifice my entire world for you and your smile. I believe I was made for you, that my demons surrendered and sworn to fight off yours to offer the love you deserve. This is how my craziness finds peace near you and allowing you to enter into my prayers.
You are the sunlight people can’t bear to stand for long. Though you try to adapt in the clouds for them but this isn’t what you are supposed to do. You need to shine as bright as possible even if it makes people turn away from you.

Those yearnings, wailings go beyond my control where I long to touch you, to hold you, to be close to you yet I have my fill when an alluring little curve adorns your face than any other jewels ever could. This inexplicable edgy feeling which makes me run towards you all the time, rests so peacefully after looking into your eyes. Those powerful desires having meager demands just to see you one more time, is nothing less than a miracle.
Restless are those who try to find peace in the worldly things, for my soul rested calmly after a taste of your alluring gaze.